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aditya 2024-05-30 08:23:48 +05:30
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Signed by: aditya
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.direnv/bin/nix-direnv-reload Executable file
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
if [[ ! -d "/home/user/dev/adityakumar.xyz" ]]; then
echo "Cannot find source directory; Did you move it?"
echo "(Looking for "/home/user/dev/adityakumar.xyz")"
echo 'Cannot force reload with this script - use "direnv reload" manually and then try again'
exit 1
# rebuild the cache forcefully
_nix_direnv_force_reload=1 direnv exec "/home/user/dev/adityakumar.xyz" true
# Update the mtime for .envrc.
# This will cause direnv to reload again - but without re-building.
touch "/home/user/dev/adityakumar.xyz/.envrc"
# Also update the timestamp of whatever profile_rc we have.
# This makes sure that we know we are up to date.
touch -r "/home/user/dev/adityakumar.xyz/.envrc" "/home/user/dev/adityakumar.xyz/.direnv"/*.rc

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